MOODBOARD #1: Black is back | NEW IN


There's so much new categories here on phosphenes, actually a little apology for the lack of posting the last weeks. But working five days a week in an editorial department of a magazine, time flies! Somehow it's exactly the same as my single socks - they both disappear to nowhere. Fortunately, there exist these beautiful saturdays (...)



Who would have thought it! I can call myself a proud owner of my first pair of Nikes. To be honest, when I am thinking back to the time I was a little kid my dislike for sporty footwear was always present, which was the reason I refused to put them on my feet ...



Let me introduce a new category called girl crush featuring #1 Laura ... Intro – I grew up in a small town in New Zealand called Taupo, our house was on the edge of the lake looking across to the mountains. Because of this, I learned to ski almost as soon as I could walk, possibly before ...

Mesh it up!


Dear boys and girls out there, have the courage to wear mesh more often. At first, I was very sceptical about it but my doubt passed as quickly as the passage of time right at the moment. Just like that without warning. Sometimes, I wonder where all the hours are vanishing. Suddenly Alice in Wonderland rushes into my mind and I have to think of my childhood. I briefly wallow in memories 'till I realize how much I lose myself from time to time in nostalgia. I catch myself dreaming away the day. Is this maybe the reason why I am hardly tired at night ...

Distressed Jeans & White crop top


Sometimes I have a sense that in spite of living in a big city with an own fashion week, street style isn't that present here in Vienna. Luckily, there exist people like male fashion blogger Jean-Claude who set himself to stroll along the streets taking some snapshots of strangers and friends. I had the honour to pose in front of his lense, so just have a look at the result...



But before disappearing into the cold north, I prepared a little New In post for you guys and face you with my weakness for marble prints. Luckily, I did not find that much new pieces during my journey cause there's definetly missing some space in my suitcase. I was on the road for over one and a half months now. I saw so much old and new faces. Collected memories and realized a lot of things. I got one year older and ate so many different sorts of cake...

The Biker Leather Jacket


What's the key piece in every wardrobe? A leather jacket, for sure. The perfect one is really difficult to find and vintage jackets are always a matter apart, especially when you shop them online. Astonishingly, the leather biker jacket fits like a glove. Although I am wearing a floppy lace dress, I feel kind of masculine. But maybe it's just the longing for a road trip to America...



If you ever have the possibility to visit Helsinki, don't wait with it 'cause the city is really worth a journey! Apart from all the yummy finnish specialities, (my candy heart naturally beats faster, shame on me) there's a lot of things to see. Helsinki is a paradise for all the vintage lovers among you.



The small things in life are often the most beautiful ones and tasty food is one of them. I like strolling along the city and suddenly pause to drink in the beauty of the view. Every second place is marked with some memories. I stop and while smiling, I try to lock up all my memories in a jam jar full of unforgettable moments. Trying to capture them, as good as possible but nevertheless, some of them slip away from me ...



I really missed being above the cotton candy clouds to feel carefree, taking time out and watching the sunset. I had such a lovely week in Berlin with the most delicious meals, a lot of warm-hearted people and this special feeling of being at home...