One thing that shouldn't be missing in any wardrobe? - the favorite cosy sweater, of course! The one piece of clothing that always manages to get us by the bitterly cold days and weeks. Wrapping it around your shoulders on a mild evening. Wrapped up. Feelin' home. Never want to take it off again. The perfect sweater weather ...



let's have a look at the danish brand called house doctor. If you're just thinking of a myterious medical series, you got confused with the right order of words. "House doctor believes everybody deserves a healthy home" - that' s the reason why they provide us with minimalism, geometric shapes, marble essentials and a tendency towards gold and copper elements - the perfect mixture for our girlish hearts ...



By now, my preference for monochrome outfits is well known to my readership, so it’s no surprise to catch me in white leather dungarees. But the white one-piece seems to occasionally get a lot of surreptitious and confused glances. While the corners of my mouth are still busy with giving the baffled faces a smile, my feet head towards the next ice cream parlor. It’s a fitting way to celebrate the last day of sunshine

MOODBOARD #1: Black is back | NEW IN


There's so much new categories here on phosphenes, actually a little apology for the lack of posting the last weeks. But working five days a week in an editorial department of a magazine, time flies! Somehow it's exactly the same as my single socks - they both disappear to nowhere. Fortunately, there exist these beautiful saturdays (...)



Who would have thought it! I can call myself a proud owner of my first pair of Nikes. To be honest, when I am thinking back to the time I was a little kid my dislike for sporty footwear was always present, which was the reason I refused to put them on my feet ...



Let me introduce a new category called girl crush featuring #1 Laura ... Intro – I grew up in a small town in New Zealand called Taupo, our house was on the edge of the lake looking across to the mountains. Because of this, I learned to ski almost as soon as I could walk, possibly before ...

Mesh it up!


Dear boys and girls out there, have the courage to wear mesh more often. At first, I was very sceptical about it but my doubt passed as quickly as the passage of time right at the moment. Just like that without warning. Sometimes, I wonder where all the hours are vanishing. Suddenly Alice in Wonderland rushes into my mind and I have to think of my childhood. I briefly wallow in memories 'till I realize how much I lose myself from time to time in nostalgia. I catch myself dreaming away the day. Is this maybe the reason why I am hardly tired at night ...

Distressed Jeans & White crop top


Sometimes I have a sense that in spite of living in a big city with an own fashion week, street style isn't that present here in Vienna. Luckily, there exist people like male fashion blogger Jean-Claude who set himself to stroll along the streets taking some snapshots of strangers and friends. I had the honour to pose in front of his lense, so just have a look at the result...



But before disappearing into the cold north, I prepared a little New In post for you guys and face you with my weakness for marble prints. Luckily, I did not find that much new pieces during my journey cause there's definetly missing some space in my suitcase. I was on the road for over one and a half months now. I saw so much old and new faces. Collected memories and realized a lot of things. I got one year older and ate so many different sorts of cake...

The Biker Leather Jacket


What's the key piece in every wardrobe? A leather jacket, for sure. The perfect one is really difficult to find and vintage jackets are always a matter apart, especially when you shop them online. Astonishingly, the leather biker jacket fits like a glove. Although I am wearing a floppy lace dress, I feel kind of masculine. But maybe it's just the longing for a road trip to America...